The Cornerstone that they rejected.

cornerstone rr

Only Rational Relationship is sustainable because is creates more value than it consumes.  What people have ignored is that Jesus was a carpenter so he had to have a working knowledge of Algebra.  The Cross if made out of 4 equilateral squares creates a perfect cube.  For this and numerous other reasons I psychologically profiled Jesus as belonging to the Math Cults of Pythagoras for whom every mathematical formula was a name of God.

Everybody wants to live in a Rational Society, but when people refuse to be Rational in that society they are stealing from society.  Too many people refuse to participate when reason demands their participation and this leads to the eventual downfall of Civilization.  Thieves don’t steal from homeless vagrants and parasites don’t feast off of other parasites.  Not for long anyway, that is known as decay, not life.  How much pain will people have to experience before they realize that they need to create value for others?

I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.

22The stone the builders rejected

has become the cornerstone;

23the Lord has done this,

and it is marvelous in our eyes.

~psalm 118


Evolution vs. the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.


One of the great philosophical & scientific debates or our time is this: “Does the second law of thermodynamics falsify the theory of Evolution?” In this blog we will answer that question.

The hidden subject is that we are talking about object or machination verses intelligent object or potentially a god-like reasonable human.  With machinations and systems things inevitably go from good to bad because of friction.  Objects are not conscious and self-aware so they can’t mitigate.  A machination is an object made by an intelligent object. 

Relationship between Intelligent objects or people also creates a kind of friction.  The faculty of Reason in Man can mitigate and ameliorate the entropy that exists in machinations and natural systems.  But it can only do so if all parties in an endeavor bind themselves to Reason and participate with it.  In which case Humans would become vehicles of Reason.  Men are not born reasonable.  Therefore Reason is not a Natural State for Man.  Reason is a Natural State for God.  Not until a child disillusions themselves of every Logical Fallacy and Cognitive Bias do they become like God.

Nobody is writing the script for Evolution.  Species go extinct all of the time.  They take a wrong turn down an Evolutionary cul de sac. 

Life defends herself from extinction through diversification.  When men choose to homogenize themselves and remove diversity they are saying in essence, “We know what is going to happen in the future and how to survive and thrive.”  When man puts all of his eggs in one basket he demonstrates epistemic arrogance and is usually preparing himself and his followers for extinction, for this reason we are dealing with a form of asymmetrical warfare. 

While Reason is tolerant of the rights of others to be ignorant, Stupidity is not tolerant of the rights of others to think differently or to disagree.  Stupid people, having chosen poorly, feel angry and thwarted by their own lack of Reason and they feel entitled to help themselves to the fruits of the success of others without also embracing the God of Reason and swearing fealty to him.

In conclusion, Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics does not necessarily disprove Evolution unless you preclude the existence of the God of Reason and the necessity of allegiance to that deity.  What is intelligence?  Why does it exist in the Universe?  Why does life exist?  Why isn’t there just objects? or nothing?  Why is there consciousness?  Who is looking through you?  What is the source of the light that shines through you?     



How our Soul informs our Sense of Self.


I am writing this as a response to Raj Masa and her video that was a response to this blog.  She talks about growing up and being persecuted because of being a Muslim.  I am sorry for the bullying she experienced.  When a person is traumatized their mind creates an Auto-Appraiser which constantly scans their environment for anything that could recreate that trauma.  When they get re-traumatized they enter a refractory state.  I don’t intend to traumatize her but I would like to show her how my philosophy might give her some tools of self-awareness and transformation. 

She thinks of herself as a Muslim.  This means that he invisible Sense of Self (which is invisible) has been expanded to include Islam into her identity.  What we find is that if this process is unconscious it is also meaningless.  Unless this process is conscious and guided by Reason it is invalid. Because of how we define ourselves every event and word has negative or positive survival data for us which then creates an emotional state. 

I don’t think of her as a Muslim.  Furthermore, Muslims wouldn’t consider her a real Muslim.  I would bet money that I know more about Islam than she does.  I don’t know if she was born Muslim.  I suspect that she might be NOI which conceives of Allah as a black man, which is a heresy punishable by death.  I doubt that she had her clitoris cut off as a child so that she wouldn’t grow up to become a sharmouta.  To a real Muslim she would be considered a Taqfiri and her soul should be saved with Honor Killing and sending it back to Allah.  She thinks of herself as Muslim and is therefore defensive of Islam.  But I would bet she knows almost nothing about it. 

I was born and raised Jehovah’s Witness.  I investigated them and all religions.  I hate the organization.  I wasted my time being a JW. I think their philosophy is a pleasant kind of insidious evil.  I currently consider myself a Jnana Guru, a Cohanim Rabbi, and a Christian Mystic as well as a Taoist and a few other things.  I arrived at that conclusion through analysis and introspection.  I was persecuted for being a Jehovah’s Witness but I was more victimized and harmed by the JW’s themselves and my family.  I was robbed of my future, my family, and my friends by a stupid thought herd.  I was never persecuted by God and so I never turned my back on God.  I worship the God of Reason, Intelligence, and Life. 

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called “CLICK” it was about how people form a singular sense of self and a feeling of “Shared Fate”.  The single biggest factor in this feeling was “Shared Suffering”.  As a child you were persecuted because you were Muslim.  Because of the Cognitive Biases and Logical Fallacies you felt that Islam also suffered with you.  But Islam isn’t a person, it is a philosophy.  It is an ideology.  While I sympathize with you I don’t sympathize with Islam.  I understand Islam. 

Metaphysics for Christians

christian metaphysics.jpg

It is a great source of frustration for me that since I originally posted my metaphysics it hasn’t been adopted by Christians and it is being ignored by Physicists & Atheists (originally posted here).  Now Michael Savage has published his book “God, Faith, & Reason” and though I know he has read and plagiarized my research in the past he hasn’t stumbled upon my metaphysics. 

Christians can’t win using their arguments and Atheists, whom I have falsified repeatedly in Rational Debate, have NO desire to see my arguments spread.  So my genius is trapped between a dumb rock and a hard place. 

The problem begins with the Theistic urges of Christians.  They have this need to think that there is a  God with a physical body.  We know that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.  That is a rhetorical tautology of the universe.  If God is all knowledge, all power, and everywhere then God is the Universe.

Some people believe, as do I, that the big bang theory came from the Jewish, kabbalist concept of Tzimtzum.

God, as we think of Him, existed before time as the Singularity and became the Super-Position.   Time and Space didn’t exist before the Big Bang which means that the Human Experience would be impossible to have.  So, in a manner of speaking, Mankind is still the center of God’s Universe.  He is dreaming us.  We are the facets of his gem or the faces of his personality.  We are the Angels or the Angles.

Christians either reject or they are ignorant of the connection between the Greek Philosophers and Jesus.  Aristotle spoke of the Prime Mover Unmoved who for all intents and purposes is the Judeo-Christian God.  He can’t move in the universe because the universe is his body.  He created all of existence out of his Self.  Because anything that moves in the Universe is not God he had to create an agency through which he could work his will in the universe.  That agency is Intelligence or the faculty of Reason in man.  It is the Goddess of Wisdom who was Sarasvati.  She became the Shekinah of the Hebrews and Sophia to the Greek Philosophers.  Then She became the Holy Spirit of the Christians.

Like God, nobody has laid eyes on Intelligence. (click here for my argument) Nobody has seen Intelligence, we have only seen secondary evidence of Intelligence.  Intelligence is almost impossible to quantify.  There are so many different kinds of intelligence.  We have different organelles in our brain that inform our intelligence and yet we have a singular sense of self.  God has given us different talents and Men are the brain cells of God.

I didn’t pull this out of my ass.  I am not the only person who has known this.  Look at Adam on the Sistine Chapel.  There is only one female surrounding God in that painting.  She is the Goddess of Wisdom and She is to be the bride of Adam.  You can see that she is reluctant to be conjoined with the progenitor of Human Beings.  Lilith swore to carry off and murder every child of Eve. Muslims want the same thing because they are the descendants of Lilith, Cain, and Ishmael.  Muslims claim that Christians are Polytheists and therefore Pagans because of the Holy Trinity.  The Quran forbids the wearing of the Saffron color because Sarasvati order monks wear saffron colored robes.  Islam believes that educated women are an abomination and Boko Haram means “Western Knowledge is Forbidden”.

God, as the Singularity, is All Potentiality.  Everything that we know, everything that is possible, exists because of God.  Human Life is a conversation and relationship between the individual and God.  The God of the Judeo-Christians and the Bible is the God of Life and Reason.  Do not hide your light under a basket and do not bury your talents in the ground.  False Humility is disgusting and pathetic.  The sticky white light of False Christianity is vomitus, inspired by Satan.  Pride is thinking that you are more important than you are.  Self-esteem is evaluating yourself correctly.  Do not be so afraid of making a mistake.  Not trying is an unforgivable sin.  Pride is not admitting that you were wrong when you realize that you are wrong.  The God of Life also grows as we do. Our God is Truth.  Satan is the Father of the Lie.  Meditate on these things. 


Third Party Fallacy

third person party fallacy

You don’t know and she doesn’t know, so in order to solve your mutual problem you presuppose the existence of a benevolent 3rd party who possesses the resources you lack and has your best interests at heart.  Furthermore, this 3rd party is not Rationally Self-Interested but is also Suicidal for your own benefit.

One of the many things that constantly irritates me is this tacit presupposition that is never stated but almost always assumed.  One of my clients constantly asks me who “They” are and I respond, “the powers that be”. He thinks I am a conspiracy theorist.  Since I started blogging in 2014 I have had the privilege of observing how THEY react to my narrative.

Why, when people don’t know the answer do they assume that some external authority possesses the knowledge and has their best interest at heart?  This is a shadow syndrome that presupposes the existence of their own God.  While this Superman exists for their own benefit he is not self-interested.  Like some manner of self-abnegating French Knight  they expect us to observe some form of Courtly Love that is never requited as though we are drones.

Useful Idiots believe that nobody they know is smart enough to be important.  This is a form of Self Loathing. “They” think, using the Fundamental Attribution Error

1. I have guilty knowledge of my lack of genius.

2. I am also the smartest person in my own Universe.

3. Everybody that rejects my authority is an enemy. 

4. There is a God who recognizes my importance and will sacrifice himself for my own benefit.  So, I can continue to live in blissful ignorance.

Curiously, so-called, “Atheists” operate tacitly on this fallacy more often than religious people.  If Evolution dictates that things constantly get better, all of the time, who is writing the script for Evolution?  Mass extinctions happen, broh.  We could be living in the Stone Age tomorrow.  Have you heard about “Assassin’s Mace”?  Do you know about Electro-Magnetic Pulse Technology?  The vast majority of Atheist converts are not scientists, they are Angry Useful Idiots who want to feel smart.  So, they accept received knowledge from, so-called, “smart people” assuming that “they” are looking out for you.  So, from your stupid perspective, all of these Liberal Democrats are trying to make your life better without any self-interest?  That is called “Nihilism” and true nihilists commit suicide.  

Humorously, nobody we know is pure enough to represent us, because we are so holy.  As Mark Twain stated, “an expert is someone with a suitcase who comes from out of town”.  Why does this happen?  Because or the feminine, social-climbing, response known as, “Familiarity breeds contempt”.  Which is true from the feminine perspective.  She is never responsible for the result of her actions.  Everybody else is responsible for her action as well as her own personal success. 

Proving the existence of the Soul


It should interest people to know that the heart creates a Torus shaped energy field as do Living Planets with atmospheres and active cores. Some physicists believe that the Universe itself is Torus shaped.

My Organic Computer Theory states that if one was able to take an Artificial Intelligence and instill in it the Awareness that it is alive and there is such a thing as death then all Human Emotion will spontaneously manifest. The Binary Code for Organic Computers is Life & Death and every event, thought, and word communicates to the individual Positive or Negative Survival Data, which in turn determines our emotional state.

“The Soul is, in a way, Phenomena.” ~Aristotle

What did Aristotle mean when he made this Esoteric assertion. As I understand it, he meant that our understanding of the world is our Soul. The Phenomena that we are aware of are in the World which would be describes as God’s Soul. We are not aware of all of the Phenomena in the world because we have Finite Capacity, if we had Infinite Capacity we would be Omniscient and therefore God. At the same time we do not prehend all phenomena or knowledge. Our Soul is our Worldview consisting not only of the Phenomena that we are aware of but also what we perceive of as the Correct Relationship between the Phenomena. I refer to this as Relational Data and Teleological Data and that is interpreted by the individual based on who they believe themselves to be. This is determined by what I term the Plasticity of the Sense of Self which means how they arbitrarily expand and retract their sense of self to include and exclude phenomena.

Relational Data is interpreted based on how we believe ourselves to be in relationship with the world and the phenomena in the world. When we encounter another person who has a different soul or World View they react differently because of how they are in relationship with the world and the phenomena in the world. I might eat a hamburger but a Hindu is disgusted by the concept. I might see a Chinese person eating dog and I might be repulsed by the spectacle.

Psychology literally means the Study, Logic, or Science of the Soul. So anybody arguing against the existence of the Soul is an idiot. The Soul apriorily exists and science accepts Apriori and Empirical evidence.

Life communicates Experiential Data to the Individual. It is a private conversation between God’s Soul, the World, and the Soul of Man, our understanding of the World. As our Sense of Self Evolves the Understanding of the Conversation changes as does our Sense of Self. If you research my other blogs you will see that Time exists for the purpose of this experience, this conversation with God. Homo Sapiens literally means wise man, but we aren’t born wise, if we are lucky and we work hard we attain to Wisdom, we attain to being Human. Only the Human Being is like God because he has taken in accurate knowledge of God and become the Incarnation of Logic & Reason.

The heart creates a Torus shaped energy field. The Soul is known as the Heart/Mind in Buddhism. Psychology literally means, “the Science of the Soul”. Aristotle, the Father of Science said, “The Soul is, in a manner of speaking, Phenomena.” Every Event & Word communicates Emotional Data to the Heart & Analytical Data to the mind.


Attention as a form of Shakti.

lion eye.jpg

In Astral Projection there are subtle bodies within subtle bodies.  As one goes through the Philosophical Deaths in which your false sense of self dies, you retract your consciousness from your physical body and you come closer into contact with your true essence.  Eventually you retract your sense of self into the “Blue Pearl” in the 3rd eye chakra known in the Christian Tradition as the “Garden of Eden” or Heaven. 

What you are interested in tells you about your TRUE self.  Why are you looking at what you are looking at?  How does it make you feel?  What do you want to do about it?  Were there events in your physical life that caused you to be interested in this subject?  If it was trauma in, some form, it is usually a negative emotion but what if your interests have nothing to do with anything that stimulated your need recognition in your life? 

Attention is a form of Shakti or energy, it is one of the forms of the Goddess of Wisdom or the Holy Spirit.  There are many ways of thinking about attention.  If it is late at night and we need to go to sleep we might want to take a short “Thought Fast” and not look at things that stimulate our physical body or our passions.  If we can’t stop looking at something and having a negative emotional reaction to it, we might be obsessed with it, or addicted to it. 

As we move about the world in our every day life, what kind of attention do we attract?  As we say what we say, do what we do, and relate the way we relate, what is the response?  Is it caused by something we control or something we don’t control?  Is it caused by the way our physical body looks?  This knowledge (data) tells us about the True Self of other people.  “Om Namah, Shivayah” is an old Sanskrit greeting. It doesn’t translate perfectly anymore but in one sense it means, “I recognize God in you and I bow to God in you”. 

Some people cling to the false sense of self or the ego.  The Ego is the Satan Consciousness.  These same people, unless they have reached the point of being Consciously Evil are incapable of scrutinizing themselves, or becoming aware of themselves.  They are like Demon spawn trapped in human form.  Stalin referred to them as “Useful Idiots” and they march in lock-step to the tune of the Pied Piper or the Consciously Evil.

Super Predators  are apex predators who have evolved so far that nobody eats them.  In Jesus time the Pharisees were the Super Predators but Jesus only devoured the Super Predators which means that Jesus was a Super-Super-Predator or God in human form.  He destroyed them intellectually just as did Buddha and Krishna.  

“The Lion that hunts Lions charges onto the field.”   ~Jalalludin Rumi