Easter Meditations

jesus easter

Most people are quite certain that they know Jesus intimately. Even Atheists and Liberals lecture to us about what Jesus would have done effectively manipulating the emotions of Christians in order to do their bidding for them. This isn’t based on the actual Jesus that existed, it is based on a False Idol that is worshipped in his stead.

Most Christians think that all Samaritans are good. They weren’t. Jesus told his disciples not to go to the Samaritans who were practicing Sharia Law and would have killed his disciples. Under the Law that they practiced being pregnant without a husband is evidence of Adultery which is punishable by stoning, so we see that the Samaritans would have killed the unborn baby Jesus and his mother which is why Jesus had sympathy for a woman who was about to be stoned to death. Unlike the Romans Jesus never rescinded his statement to avoid the Samaritans. The Good Samaritan was unlike any of the other Samaritans which is why it made a potent illustration of what he taught.

The Incarnation of Logic & Reason

The Jesus that I know was the Son of the God of Life & Reason, the Logos, because he was the Incarnation of Reason. The Jesus that I know taught High Philosophy and Rational Debate on the level of Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates which is why he could speak with Auctoritas and influence Roman Leaders, expose the Pretenders to Wisdom in the form of the Pharisees, and speak to the masses on their level while educating his nomadic ashram. The Jesus I know went to India, like Pythagoras, and brought the Guru Tradition to the West in its pristine form. The Jesus that I know was a Jnana Guru, a Shaktipat Guru, and a Maha-Jagad-Guru.

There is an Epistemic Arrogance in our Prejudices about who Jesus was. This informs our Judgments on actions and events and unfortunately misleads some in thinking they have Authority over others in order to Instruct or even Punish them. There seems to be a direct correlation in Christianity between how incorrect and sometimes corrupt a person is and the amount of influence they can exert over others. When I go to a church all I hear are emotional appeals and fallacious reasoning with few exceptions.

Pragmatic Christianity

Can you win a debate with Reason & Logic like Jesus? If you can’t maybe there is a flaw in your understanding of him. Do you get Good Results like Jesus or do you ignore the result and keep repeating the behavior like a crazy person believing mistakenly that their is some Virtue to Noble Failure? If you are demonstrated to be incorrect do you change your opinion? Or do you believe that your opinion of Jesus can never be wrong.

The common perspective of Jesus basically considers him a Woman in a Man’s body. This is not who he was. If all of your thinking about Jesus is Sentimental & Romantic then you are ignoring other aspects of the Christ.

Christians must guard against the tendency to see God as the Highest Form of their own Good. They should strive to make the Actual Jesus the Highest Form of their own Good. To do otherwise essentially turns the Unlightened Ego of the individual into a God that sanctions all of their desires and actions to satisfy those desires. That is one of the tricks that Satan uses in order to appear as an Angel of Light.

For those of you who are brisling or cringing at my suggesting that Jesus was a Guru with Indian influence, you might want to examine the make up of the main language that he spoke, Aramaic. I have personally documented the use of Hindu words in Aramaic. The 6th thing he said before dying, “It is accomplished (kalai).” The Aramaic word used etymologizes from India and Kali who represents the end of time. Then there is the hindu-hebrew connection. When the Hebrews were a warring tribe, if you killed in battle you had to sit shiva before being allowed back into the city. Shiva is the Hindu god of death. Saturday is the 7th day of the Jewish week, the Sabbath (7th). Jesus had power over life and death. Adonai Sabaoth isn’t Lord of the Sabbath it is God of Death. The number 7 comes from Shiva, examine the Phonology and remember the history of the Shibboleth and its influence of sibilance. God can’t die so he “rests” we make our self like God by not working on the Sabbath. 7 is the number of death and 8 is the number of reincarnation maybe why 7 looks like the scythe of Saturn or Chronos who rules that day of the week and ate all of his children because everybody dies. Maybe that is why the number 8 is in Infinity Symbol turned sideways… Just maybe…

The Heaven that most Christians believe in is Illusory. Jesus said that they Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Jesus said that those who understand, those that have eyes to see and ears to hear are already in heaven. Our purpose is to strive to make heaven here on Earth. Not to escape Earth for Heaven. We are the brain cells of God. We are the hands & feet of God. We are the body of Christ. If we fail to act then God is impotent to move on earth or to bless our lack of action. If we look to the Heavens to do something for us instead of Acting or our Accurate Knowledge of God we are like the Slave that buried our Talents. We bless ourselves by being the conduits of God’s Will on earth.


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